Blue Bird

I was a blip in the chaos of the night storm,

raging like a whimper at the sea ,at the sky

and everything in between .


It devoured me and i became lost.

first my face went, then the voice ,then my eyes.

All that was left was rage inside and outside.


Then i found you, my little blue bird.

With your bright underbelly and soft feathers,

you flung your wings wide and wrapped me.


The storm still raged, the sea still hissed

but i could feel again .Not sure what you did .

But we made our way fluttering our blue wings.

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Some day

Some day I may just cut my wrist off,
Vomit all over myself and die.
Someday I may take a back pack and
vanish from the face of earth.

Someday I may make my mark in the world.
Climb up the ladder of success.
Someday i may fuck the nicest legs in town,
Live like there’s no tomorrow.

But either way I don’t care.

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Breaking Free

I did not know what to say,
my mouth was searching for that word
my eyes were blind and mind went numb ,
and something started in my soul,
fever or forgotten wings,
and I made my own way,
breaking free of all the roots,
my soul wandered, happy, sad, unending.

Note : It uses lines together from two of lovely poems from Pablo Neruda – ‘Poetry’ and ‘Thinking, Tangling Shadows’.

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The wait

Ever notice the people
in bus stations,under the bridge,
near the corner of a unused lot .

Have you ever looked at their eyes ?
Completely devoid of any hope.
Any shred Of dignity long gone.
They have even stopped
pretending to themselves that
things would get better.

Still they go on ,
fighting a battle long lost .
What for ?

Are they waiting for something ?
The cowardice of survival .
Like it or not ,perhaps is the
Sole reason of our existence.

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Cheap trick

A Urinating,
Perspiring ,
piece of meat .

No better or worse than
a cucumber or a cockroach .

With every other animal instinct
simmering just below the skin.

This itself was fine until
some one with a weird sense of irony
decided to slap abstract thought
On top of it .

A mortal body that can grasp
the infinite and infinitesimal
and ever going zero sum game in between.

What a cheap trick !

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Hope always brought
the best and worst in men.
Sold in many Packages ,
Consumed by all.

How very ironical that
two most popular dealers
of it are religion and suicide.
Does not that tell something ?

The lure of a better bargain
at the other end of existence.
This is it.The eternal deal.
As old as the life itself.

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The Pain and disgust was still there ,
but fear of it had gone.
It was nice.
Different kind of nice.

I guess it could be sensed .
I talked in the same way though,
nice average boring talk .
The kind usually accepted and liked.

People still looked the same to me ,
A leg ,a hand ,a mouth ,a eye.
A farrago of disjointed body parts.
Moving together as if some ritual is going on.

Don’t know how people figured.
Was it the tone ,
Or the slouch of my body ?
May be it was my eyes .

Whatever it was,
They did not like it.
They did not like it a bit .
And they made it clear.

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